Delaware Dove Releases for Grave Side Services

Oh that I had wings like a dove!  For then I would fly away and be at rest"
Psalm 55:6

Funerals which include a Grave side White Dove  Release  Ceremony are a beautiful way to bring a pleasant memory to a solemn time.

With our specialized handling of your dove  release everyone will share in your lightened spirit.

We personally read a poem just prior to the release of your doves.  We also present the family with a copy of the poem framed with a white feather inside as a keepsake.

My poem of choice unless otherwise advised is my personal favorite:


My loved ones do not cry and worry of me;
for  like the dove I've been set free

I've been called to my mansion on high, just there among the clouds in the deep blue sky

I have no pain or suffering to do; I have been called home and I know you will too . . .

So beat hard and fast little wings of white and carry me home into the light

Author Unknown

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